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Power consumption per data access, a new era of massive data!


Hardy Kwok  VP of vClusters

 "Power consumption per data access, a new era of massive data!"

On December 3rd, 2019, vClusters officially announced its massive cold data storage product "BlueData" at the main forum of “The China Data and Storage Summit 2019” (DSS 2019), where it presented a new concept of "Power consumption per data access".

The BlueData storage system uses ARM chips, focusing on a pain point of data center, power consumption.

Reducing power consumption by 80% and

Doubling the storage space! 

Hardy Kwok, Vice President of vClusters first introduced low power consumption product, Micro-Cluster NxCells, which is an innovative hardware platform design. It achieved 2x density of traditional storage servers, or lower power consumption at the same density of x86. In next step, the controller chip will be upgraded to Cortex-A72 for better performance.

In addition, Hardy also introduced a complementary high performance hardware platform NxStor, which uses Ampere’s high-performance Arm-based CPU (32 cores). In the next step, the main controller CPU will be upgraded to 64 cores, targeting for high-concurrency and high-performance storage scenarios.

In sum, vClusters has developed an innovative hardware platform that uses ARM chips for storage system to increase storage density and reduce power consumption, and introduced this Massive Cold Data Management System, “BlueData”, which is an integrated solution of proprietary software and hardware. With an intelligent storage management system, vClusters achieved energy consumption based on data access which reduced power consumption of hard disk.


What social problems does energy

consumption per access aim to solve? 

Big data is developing rapidly

Recently, the IoT, e-commerce, and social networks have been developing so fast that global big data storage has grown enormously and become the foundation of the industry’s development. International Data Service Company (IDC) pointed out that, among these massive data, only 10-15% of "hot data" is frequently accessed, while the other vast majority of “cold data” is accessed less frequently after it is generated, or even no longer gets accessed. Cold data becomes the most expensive dataCold data is information that is accessed less frequently but has certain value and must be retained. Enterprises maintain these cold data at a huge cost every year. It becomes a major obstacle to restrict enterprises’ development.

How to effectively manage this massive amount of cold data at low storage expense? 

In order to address the high energy consumption and high cost problems brought by massive data storage requirement, vClusters has been conducting research on massive cold data storage management for many years besides analyzing IDC report. It is found that "reducing storage power consumption is the key"!

To reduce power consumption of storage systems, vClusters developed BlueData with ARM based chips, which have advantages of low power consumption and small size.
In the summit, BlueData massive cold data management system was exceptionally acknowledged and won the "2019 Cold Data Storage Product Innovation Award".

Hardy Kwok, VP of vClusters said, "As a solution provider of cloud base platform, we will continue our tradition of innovation in the storage field. With industry-leading product and solution capabilities, we will prepare our customers for the challenges in the new era of big data, by helping them to build green and energy-efficient data centers, so that they could smoothly adapt to the ever-changing business needs."

The China Data and Storage Summit 2019(DSS 2019), which is hosted by DOIT, is the most renowned platform for Chinese storage industry. It’s the fourteenth session this year, making it become one of Asia's largest and most influential storage and data summit.

After the announcement of vClusters’ BuleData at the summit, many audiences were attracted to vClusters’ booth for in-depth discussion.